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Suitable particle size distribution; to ensure that the electrode medicine skin, smooth surface; Low S, P, CI, solder joints is not easy corrosion; High purity, skin deformation and rupture, long product life; Low ash can reduce spatter and stable arc.

Welding Potassium Alginate

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Place of Origin:  China
Type:  Potassium Alginate
Tags:   Welding Potassium Alginate

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Port:  Qingdao
Minimum Order Quantity:  1000kgs
Payment Terms:  L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Product Description

Welding Potassium Alginate

This product is a polysaccharide extracted from kelp and other brown algae plant carbohydrates, has the characteristics of high mesh count, low salt. Mainly used for skin adhesive electrode, is an indispensable raw material of high-end electrode.

Granularity: 98% pass 75μm

Viscosity (mpa.s): 200-600

Ash%: 18-27

Content%: K2O(13.5-18.5), CI≤0.2%, P≤0.05%, S≤0.05%

For mechanical and electrical welding rod, alkaline electrode and a special electrode.


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