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This compound is an improver mainly consists of sodium alginate. It can be used in pork shin aspic, crystal ham and other jelly-like products. This compound can cooperate with the edible gelatin and improve the anti-melting performance of the jelly-like products evidently.

Compound Thickening Agent for Crystal Ham/Pork Skin Aspic

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Product Description

Main components: Sodium alginate, Calcium salt

Appearance: White powder, tasteless

Quality Index: Moisture X15.0%  Particle size: 90% passing 60 mesh sieve

                Pb≤5.1ppm       As≤2.3ppm

Function: Form heat-irreversible crystal gel; better anti-melting performance.

Application: Crystal Ham/Pork Shin Aspic


Classification: RN201   RN202

RN201 Usage:

Dissolve the compounds according the ratio 2.5一3%; then stuffing or stilling as


RN202 Usage:

Dissolve according the ratio 2一2.5%, meanwhile heat the gelatin and make it

melt to your desired concentration. Stuffing or forming gel after mix and stir



1 .Please stirring or using a blender to help accelerating the dissolve process.

2 .Control the stuffing/gel-forming time within 2 hours.

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