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Chitosan is deacetylated chitin, chemically named polyb-(1-4)-2-amino-2-deoxyl-D-glucosamine It is insouble in water,but soluble in diute acid and cna be taken up in the human body. chitosan is primary derivitive of chitin. it`s chemical structureis unique highpolymer of the basicpolysaccharide with positive ion and have special bioactivity, physical chemisal quality. there are specific properties, suchasadsorption,spinning,flocculence,decomposad ility,hygroscopicity and increasing immunities,decreasing the blood pressure,depress the fat and sugar of the blood,inhibit Acid,enhancing stomachic, action, promoting ulcer cure function, thus the chitosan open up to applied domains greatly.


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Place of Origin:  China
Type:  Chitosan

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Product Description

1.Low Viscosity CHITOSAN(Viscosity<100cps)
(1) Colored cinefilm. (2)Food package,medicinal membrane (3)Take oraly toinhibit acid and chloesterin. (4)Additive to some medicine. (5)Help curing the wound is surgery.
2.Medium Viscosity CHITOSAN(Viscosity 100-800cps)
(1)The CHITOSAN applied in the industry of printing an dyeing textile,decreased,contractibility and increased the dyeability.
(2)The CHITOSAN will enhance the ability of anti-electricity when used in the synthetic fiber.
(3)The CHITOSAN can be used as a lubricant in the fiber glass processing.
(4)The CHITOSAN can be used as the color fixation material in the dyeing industry. It can be strungly adhibited to the acid dyestuff.
(5)The CHITOSAN is the raw matcrial of fiber,artificial plank and paper bond.
3.High Viscosity CHITOSAN(Viscosity 800-2000cps)
(1)It is used as the sedimentation material of sewage processing and heavy metal recycling. It can absorbs the sedimentation,organic material. and lend the electric mud to gelatinate. The 2ppm CHITOSAN can sediment 99% heavy metalion.
(2)It can be used in fixing up the enzyme of the cell and avoiding the restraint to the enzyme from Cu.Ni.Ca.Hg.
(3)It can be used in the medical research of gene and also in the therapy of the blood vessel, Artificial skin, operational
(4)It can be used insecticide,plant antivirotic in agricultural and bait additive of the fishery.
(5)It is used as cosmetics, clean goods and protected hair or skin shampoo in the chemical of daily use.

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