How to Order

Reference the catalog or index to find the product you need. According to inquiry key after the product introduction, enter details and click to send. Otherwise, you may send the product information what you're interested in to this e-mail address: yyhong@qd-public.sd.cninfo.net. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Production sale

The company takes the advantages of China State Ocean Scientific Institute in Qingdao area, developed powerful exportation ocean chemicals products, say, alginate series products, silica gel series products, and seaweed extract series, has a group of well-experienced business staffs, can ensure your purchased commodities fine /stable quality and shipment timely.

OEM Service

 For the convenience of the OEM clients abroad, we established long term processing cooperation relations with some advanced installments manufactories of household products in China, arranging OEM manufacture for clients abroad. Say, washing powder, laundry soap, toilet soap, babies’ diapers, woven sanitary pads, babies' wipes, garments etc. producing qualified products with supplied logo/design and personal quality survey for foreign clients.


Our company absorbing a modern enterprise management concepts. And actively operating in the market. We have established good business relationship with domestic and foreign shipping and airlines companies.

We have formed our own operators and services, compliance with international conventions, and build a global freight and logistics network,provide our clients with comprehensive services about land, sea, and air freight.

Our company has highly qualified management, experienced professional operation team, and advanced computer processing system.  

Company managers pay close attention to the overall operation, Always check whether the various aspects of operating procedures,Whether your goods need to be transported to anywhere, Quickly and reliably is always our pursuit.



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