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Sodium Alginate

Sodium Alginate

Used as thickening agent of dye, the alginate will not cause any chemical reaction when dyeing. In this way, the printed size is easier to adhere to the printed cloth with better penetrability. The color size is quicker to dry.The outline is very clear.

A very little quantity of alginare could be used to replace a large quantity of starch in yarn spinning.It can improve the brightness and strength of the yarn. During cloth weaving, the processed varn will not easily lose its starch to become fuzzy. The surface of the finished cloth is smoother and the cloth is easily washed.

When it is used as the stabilizer of icecream, alignate can make the product fine, smooth, tasty and with a good melt--resitance. It also increases the expansion rate by about 10%.

As additive in bread, algiante can increase the volume of products, make the read bright and loose,and not easily dried.Using it in the production of dried noodles, it will strengthen the noodle and increase the yield of the finished product.

In the production of chocolate and other high-quality sweet, when the appropriate algiante is added, it can raise the melting point of the product, improve its toughness and make it unsticky.

Applying the alginate in the instant dissolving drinks, the drinks will be improved obviously suspensibility and it will not precipitate even though stored for a long time.

Before refrigeration, if the fruit, fish, meat and other food are firstly coated with alginate film, they will be prevented from germ invading and the water content of them could be kept from evaporatin for longer period.

Alginate can be used in soft capsule for intestinal diseases administration, dental impression materials, radiography agent for barium meals, medicines for gastric diseases, ect.

Alginate can be used in paper making industry, chemical industy for daily use, casting  industry, the skin of the welding electrode, the adhesion agent for fish and shrimp feed, insecticide for fruit trees, stripping mold agent of concrete, ect.

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